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Honda CR-V for sale

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Honda CR-V overview

Honda cr-v is not a new Honda model since it has been sold to for about 10 years to consumers all over the world. It is classified as an SUV although its design is car-based. It is a four-door spot utility automobile that has been in the production industry since the year 1995.In addition, it has a sedan like feel as verified by several of its manufacturers. This Honda model has some highlights which make it very popular among many consumers. These include the following: it has a passenger room and a cargo space that makes its very versatile for different drivers.

When planning to purchase this type of vehicle, it is imperative tom look at the different models of Honda cr-v to choose from. Each of the models has different pricing and it will be a wise thing to determine how much you are willing to pay for the model. A new Honda cr-v has a higher pricing whereas a used Honda cr-v can be purchased for less depending on what is available at the local Honda dealership.

There are different models of Honda cr-v which include, 2WD LX, 2WD SE, 4WD LX, 4WD SE, 2WD EX, 4WD EX, 2WD EX-L and 4WD EX-L. When it comes to prices and features, each of these models differ greatly. You can simply get more information about these models by visiting the Honda cr-v options as well as pricing page on Honda/'s official website.

Buying a used Honda cr-v is a very smart decision especially if you are looking for a vehicle that has good gas mileage. Honda cr-v is renowned to take about twenty eight to over thirty four miles per gallon. However, this will greatly be influenced by the type of engine and the year of its manufacture.

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When it comes to performance, Honda cr-v has plenty of power as well as agility that make the process of driving to be a remarkable one to different types of drivers. It has 180-hp DOHC i-VTEC engines that provide drivers with low rpm torque. In addition, the drivers get to enjoy plenty of horsepower at higher revs. To make it shifting easier and much faster, it has a five speed automatic transmission. This makes Honda cr-v to have a smooth shifting and power whenever a driver needs it. In case a driver is planning for gear hunting, it is made possible since this model has a grade logic control system to serve the purpose.

Used Honda cr-v uses Macpherson strut front suspension as a way of achieving a better drive. Drivers can enjoy their driving escapades in the best way possible and this is thanks to this control system. In addition, drivers can be able to increase their performance on the roads during extreme conditions and this is simply because Honda cr-v has a real time 4-wheel drive to serve this functionality.

Honda cr-v has different accessories i.e. exterior (wheels, attachments, running boards), interior (floor mats, cargo organizers) and electronic (audio, security) accessories. If you want to increase the aesthetic value on your used Honda cr-v simply talk to a Honda dealer about which genuine accessories will work for you.

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